General Program Policies


Working visitors are welcome at the farm and apprentice house for up to one week. Longer visits are subject to the wishes of other apprentices and the farm manager. Working visitors need to work our normal schedule and are given lunch at the farmhouse. They are also welcome to the same deal on farm food as apprentices. Non-working visitors are welcome at the farm and apprentice house for up to two days. Longer visits are subject to the wishes of other apprentices and the farm manager. They are welcome to eat farm produce, but need to buy items for sale at the farm shop at regular prices.


It is strongly encouraged that apprentices leave their pets at home. In the event that isn?t possible, pets are welcome in the apprentice house and on the farm with the following guidelines (really, we love dogs, but it?s a public place!) In the house, all pets must be confined to your personal room (unless your housemates say otherwise), you must be responsible for cleaning up after them inside and in the yard, and you must be responsible for their relationship to your housemates (i.e. they need to be friendly!).

On the farm, all dogs must be on leashes during all farm shop hours. During other hours, they must be within your sight at all times and you must clean up after them. You are responsible to make sure they do not destroy crops or buildings. And you must be responsible for their appropriate interaction with the public (i.e. they can?t bark at or bite people who come out to the farm!).

Shareholder Interactions

As Brookfield Farm is a public place and we depend on our shareholders (and prospective shareholders) for our livelihood, all apprentices (all employees) must be professional, polite, and helpful to all people who come to the farm.

General Demeanor

It is expected that all apprentices will be prompt, dressed appropriately for work, and professional in their attitude at work.

Tools, Clothes

The farm provides harvest knives and daily hand tools. Apprentices must provide any other desired tools or clothes (pocket knives, rain boots, rain gear, hats, gloves). All apprentices must carry a watch at all times. It is suggested to carry a small notepad, a pen, and a knife as well.

Safety Policies

We will go over safety policies during the program orientation. All apprentices are required to follow safety policies at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal.

Farm Vehicles

Apprentices are trained in the safe use of farm vehicles and are fully covered by insurance for their operation. Farm vehicles are to be used only for farm business without any exceptions. Farm vehicles may not to be driven by anyone who is not an employee or apprentice at Brookfield Farm without any exceptions. A valid drivers license is a requirement for all apprentices.

Drugs and Alcohol

There are no illegal drugs permitted on the farm property at any time (this includes the apprentice house). There is no alcohol permitted on the BFCT property at any time, except during BFCT-sanctioned events. Alcohol is permitted in moderation at the apprentice house. There is no smoking inside the apprentice house. It is unacceptable to work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. One infraction is cause for immediate dismissal.

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