Biodynamic Farmland Conservation Trust, Inc

All of the land, buildings, and equipment of Brookfield Farm are owned by the Biodynamic Farmland Conservation Trust, inc (BFCT). The BFCT was created in 1986 by, Claire and Dave Fortier and is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

The mission of the BFCT:
To create and support responsible agriculture by furthering all aspects of sustainable, biodynamic, organic, or other environmentally, economically, and spiritually healthy agricultural techniques.

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The BFCT will support the practice and promotion of techniques which protect, heal and transform the land and the environment and produce healthy, nutritious food for human beings and animals for generations to come:

  • Through the creation and/or management of working farms.
  • By developing and supporting community supported agriculture models.
  • By establishing collaborative marketing strategies with existing local farms.
  • By the training of future and present farmers.
  • By educating, consulting and conducting research in these farming method.

Current Members of the Board:
Donald Allison
Joanna Ballantine
Peter Littell, President
Roberta Lojko, Clerk
Philip Petitt, Treasurer
Gordon Thorne
Jen Veshia
Jessica Wolff

Cynthia Barstow, emeritus
Roger Fega, emeritus
Helen Fortier, emeritus
Arthur Zajonc, emeritus
Dan Kaplan, ex-officio

The BFCT can be contacted through Brookfield Farm

To donate to the BFCT send a check to PO Box 227, Amherst, MA 01004

or to use your credit card, click on the button below


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