Boston Distribution Details



Your share will be the same as for Pioneer Valley shareholders with the only difference being that Pick-Your-Own (PYO) crops will not be delivered (these crops are: peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, flowers, and strawberries). You may still come to PYO at the farm (at no charge - we know how far it is!). This difference is reflected in a reduction in the cost of the share which is offset by an additional charge for packing and delivery.

Here's how it breaks down: $ 480 per share

$ 50 for delivery

$ 25 for packing

$ 555 total

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Distribution times for all sites in the Boston area

Thursdays from 3-8 pm (except Newton which is from 3:30 - 8pm)

Distribution sites in the Boston area


Site-Coordinator: Deborah Kaplan

Drop off site: 107 Grafton St .

More information: (781) 643-5452 -


Site-Coordinator: Madeleine Kleiner

Drop off site: 175 Richdale Ave.

More information: (617) 497-5428 -


Site-Coordinator: Carol Monzillo

Drop off site: 20 Chase Ave

More information: 781-863-0115 -

Jamaica Plain

Site-Coordinator: Joy Silverstein

Drop off site: 64 Kenton Rd

More information: 617-522-8631 -


Site-Coordinator: Jen Hyde

Drop off site: 20 Park Place

More information: 617-244-4642 -


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To read a great account of being a boston shareholder - Click Here

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