What Is a CSA?

The concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is simple:

Each year you buy a "share" of the harvest, becoming a "shareholder" of the farm.

The yearly share price supports the actual running costs of the farm.

In return, the farm supplies each shareholder with their weekly share of produce based on the actual production of the farm


Brookfield Farm - It's more than just vegetables!


Real Food

We believe that you and your family deserve the highest quality food and that's why we use environmentally sustainable, biodynamic growing techniques. We use no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers of any kind. We see our farm as a living system, where its elements work together to build and maintain soil fertility. Through a balanced crop rotation and a strict composting and cover cropping system, we leave our land better than we found it.


Real Prices

Our prices are based solely on the costs of production which are kept to a minimum since we deal directly with you. We are working to ensure that farms are economically sustainable. We pay our farmers a living wage and provide you with the highest quality vegetables available at the lowest price around. We accept SNAP payments.


Real People

Become a shareholder in Brookfield Farm and help promote our local economy and preserve local agriculture. Our farm provides a practical step towards realizing a vibrant and healthy local food system.


A Family's Farm

Besides getting fresh local produce, you can also take a relaxing walk through our woodland trails and open fields, have an exhilarating afternoon throwing hay bales into the barn, or give your children the thrill of a lifetime watching a calf being born. Brookfield Farm becomes more than just your source of food, it can truly become your family's farm.


A Family of Families

Seasonal festivals, social events, and educational opportunities for children and adults provide shareholders with a unique opportunity to create a community of people connected to each other through their connection to the earth.

A Learning Center for All

Brookfield Farm is owned by the non-profit Biodynamic Farmland Conservation Trust, which is dedicated to promoting biodynamic agriculture through farmer training and educational programs. Brookfield Farm is a living learning center through which we improve our understanding and care of the earth.
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