What's in a Share?

Between 6 and 22 lbs. (14 lbs. avg.) of produce each week from the first week of June 'til Thanksgiving.

We think this will be sufficient produce for 2 adults (non-vegetarian) or 1 adult (vegetarian)

For shares picked up at the farm:
We use a "mix and match" system where you can choose (by volume) what is in your share.

For shares picked up in the Boston Area:
We pre-pack the "pick of the week" in a wax produce box and deliver it to 5 distribution sites in the Boston Area.


All shares also include:

  • the opportunity to purchase our own bulk produce at wholesale prices for canning and freezing
  • the opportunity to purchase Brookfield Farm raised beef and pork
  • a weekly newsletter during harvest season with recipes, farm news, and other good stuff!
  • a variety of Pick-Your-Own (PYO) vegetables, herbs, berries, and flowers (we harvest about 90% of the food for you - but some items are strictly PYO - beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, flowers, and strawberries)
  • access to Brookfield Farm's 50 acres of land for recreational use
  • the opportunity for your family to participate in educational programs and seasonal festivals

A Share is Seasonal:

Throughout the season, your weekly share is made up of the freshest vegetables available from the farm. The variety and amount in the share depend on the season and the weather.

Here's a sample of what you might get in one week's share:


1 head of lettuce
1 bunch of radishes
2 lb. of spinach
1 head of chinese cabbage
1 lb. of mixed greens
2 lbs. of snap peas (PYO)
2 qt. of strawberries (PYO)


1 head of lettuce
2 lb. of mixed greens
1 head of celery
1 lb. of broccoli
1 lb. of eggplant
4 lbs. of tomatoes
1 lb. of zucchini
1 acorn squash
1 lb. of beets
3 lbs. of potatoes
1 lb. of onions



Here's Our Harvest Calendar

How much does a share cost?

$580 - On-Farm Pick-Up (plus $60 split-share fee, if applicable)

$580 - Boston-Area Pick-Up.

Can I share a share?

Of course. You can share with friends and trade pick-ups or share with someone for just the summer if you go away on vacation. There is an additional $60 for split-shares that are picked up at the farm to help cover the additional costs of pick-your-own, parking, administration, etc. There is no extra charge to split Boston-Area shares.

If you would like to split a share, but don't have someone to split with, send us an email so we can find you a splitter!

And of course, if one share?s not enough food, buy two. If you go away on vacation, you can give your share to your neighbor. Be creative!!

How do I know what is the right amount of produce for me?

Since, for most people, this is a new way of buying food, it is sometimes difficult to determine how it all will work in real life! We feel confident that our recommendations are accurate. Of course, if you are still not sure, please call us and we will have you speak with a current shareholder.

What are the distribution options?

Click here to for more information about our distribution sites

How do I join?

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