What's in Your Box?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Bit Heavier and More Delicious (and a delicate suprise)

Chard The big bunch of green leaves with white, yellow, and or pink stems at the top of the box
Basil The small bunch of aromatic green leaves near the top of the box
Strawberries! One more time for the strawbs. This time they are a little closer to the end of the season so they won't hold well in the refrigerator. Eat them now!!
Tatsoi The dark green small round leaves in the plastic bag near the top of the box
Garlic Scapes The bunch of skinny, twisty green stems near the top of the box
Lettuce One head of red leaf and one head of boston (bibb). Fresh cut and delicious
Radish the bunch of red roots near the bottom of the box
Chinese Cabbage The big light green head with white ribs at the bottom of the box
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