What's in Your Box?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Harvest Treats!

Escarole The big green head near the top of the box (looks like lettuce, but it's a bitter cousin!!!)
Tatsoi The dark green leaves in the plastic bag near the top of the box
Broccoli Fresh picked and delicious
Sweet Peppers green bell peppers near the middle of the box
Celery Light green stalks with leaves still attached (great for soups)
Leek Long cylindrical white stems with dark green angular tops
Daikon White roots near the bottom of the box
Carrots Early fall, sweet carrots
Cauliflower The big white head near the bottom of the box
Winter Squash Dark Green round fruit - this is "Buttercup" - we planned to give out Carnival, but this variety should be used sooner or it may not keep long.