What's in Your Box?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A September to remember!

Cilantro The small bunch of aromatic frilly greens near the top of the box
Spinach The bag of dark green leaves at the top of the box
Lettuce The bag of mixed green and red leaves near the top of the box
Kohlrabi The purple ball with light green leaves attached near the bottom of the box.
Sweet Peppers A mix of red bells and/or red Italia peppers. All of the peppers in the box this week are SWEET (not hot!). If the peppers are not perfectly red keep them out of the refrigerator for a day and they will ripen nicely
Potato In the paper bag at the bottom of the box. Fresh-dug new Red Potatoes - delicious boiled, mashed, or roasted. Very thin skinned and mild.
Onion Red onions in the paper bag with the potatoes
Garlic In the paper bag with the onions and potatoes
Carrots Fresh dug and sweet. Our summer crop is huge and available in bulk now.
Corn Our last corn of the season - :( - All yellow, very sweet, picked this morning, and ready for eating now!