What's in Your Box?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Few Last Tricks!

This is our final distribution for the season

Thanks for all of your support

We hope to see you in June!!

Kale The big bunch of green leaves at the top of the box!!
Bok Choi The small bunch of light green leaves near the top of the box
Brussels Sprouts The long stem with little "cabbages" still attached. remove the sprouts, eat, and use the stalk for a game of whiffle ball!!
Leek The long cylindrical white stems with green tops.
Cabbage "Deadon" - The green & purple frilly round cabbage near the middle of the box
Rutabaga The purple and tan root near the bottom of the box
Beets The purple roots near the bottom of the box
Carrots Fresh dug and delicious!!
Parsnip The tapered white roots near the bottom of the box. Check our newsletter for a great recipe.
Winter Squash The tan fruit near the bottom of the box
Sweet Potato The big reddish roots near the bottom of the box. Don't be afraid of how big they are - they are delicious any size - check out this recipe!!
Potato White "Kennebec" potatoes in the paper bag at the bottom of the box
Onion Yellow "copra" storage onions. Pungent and delicious. In the bag with the potatoes
Garlic German Xtra Hardy in the paper bag with the potatoes
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