What's in Your Box?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Height of Summer!!

Tomato The large red,orange,yellow,or pink globe nestled at the top of the box. These are heirloom tomatoes (organic) given to us by our past apprentice, Paul Bucciaglia, at Fort Hill Farm - he had a surplus!! Do not refrigerate. Eat and enjoy!
Kale The big bunch of light green leaves with purple stems at the top of the box.
Arugula The small bunch of light green leaves near the top of the box
Lettuce One head of "batavian" summer lettuce - this lettuce is a bit more hearty (and bitter) than butterhead, but it holds up well in the summer heat.
Edamame The bunch of stemmy leaves with hairy pods attached. These are edible soybeans (edamame). Check our newsletter for more info on how to use these.
Carrots Fresh dug and sweet. Our summer crop is huge and available in bulk now.
Sweet Peppers They are varying in shape and color this week, but ALL PEPPERS IN THE BOX ARE SWEET (not hot). If they aren't fully red, yellow, etc - leave them out of the fridge for a day or two and they will ripen nicely.
Broccoli Finally, some more of our summer crop has ripened. These heads vary in size and shape but they are all fresh-picked and delicious
Beets The purple roots (loose) at the bottom of the box

The big tan round melon at the bottom of the box. Last of the season :(

Corn This week - "celestial" - (all white) - Fresh picked - eat it immediately (or keep refrigerated)