What's in Your Box?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Moves Into High Gear!

Collard Greens The bunch of big round dark green leaves at the top of the box
Lettuce One head (red leaf, green leaf, or butterhead) near the top of the box.
Radicchio The magenta and white ball near the middle of the box
Scallion The bunch of slender white-tipped stems near the middle of the box. A little big this week so they needed to be folded over to fit in the box!!
Cucumber The small light green "pickling-type" cukes near the middle of the box. These are great raw or pickled.
Zucchini A mix of green (Zucchini), yellow (crookneck), and patty pan (yellow and round) all great for cooking in so many good ways!
Beets The dark maroon roots near the bottom of the box (no tops this week)
Carrots Fresh dug (and no tops this week)
Cabbage Conical, green, "Early Jersey Wakefield" cabbage - Cole Slaw time!!!