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october 14, 2017 - DIstribution Week #20

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what's new this week

Savory Fall Harvest Treats

Escarole:  Early fall brings us this tangy bitter green that at first glance might seem a bit difficult to handle. When you cook this delectable green with the right bean it turns sweet and amazingly satisfying all the way around (check the recipe below for the real deal). We have a good crop this year - available 'til mid-November.

Kabocha Squash: The most complex tasting of all winter squash (and hardest to grow and cure without rotting). We have red (sunshine) and green (buttercup) varieties of these dry, nutty fall treats. They are absolutely terrific if you lightly batter and tempura them like they are done for real in Japan.

Yellow Potatoes: These gems are so sweet and creamy, you'd think we already added the butter. They are thin skinned and great for boiling, roasting, or mashing. We will have them thru Thanksgiving.

Black Radish:  A new twist on a familiar taste. Black-skinned, round roots, with crisp, white, hot flesh. Enjoy the way it looks and then use like any radish - delicious fresh or pickled.


what's on the way

Sweet Potatoes
Pie Pumpkins


Bulk ProducE

Kale (Green & Toscano), Collards: $2/lb
Carrots, Beets, Daikon Radish, Purple Top Turnips: $1/lb
Green Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli: $1/lb
Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers: $2/lb
Leeks: $1/pc
Celery: $2/pc

to purchase bulk produce:
in the farm shop:
just come on in and see the farm shopkeeper
in the Boston area:
 visit our Bulk Produce Shop on our website:


Pick Your Own

Perennial Herbs

Check here for updated picking info


REcipe of The Week

What's happening at the farm

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Greetings From Broc Town

Special Events

It's Time To Renew Your Share

We hope you are enjoying the early-autumn bounty of delicious, local food coming from our farm as much as we are. With the leaves turning and the winter squash safely stored in our greenhouse, we are beginning to look ahead to next season, and it's time for you to let us know if you will be renewing your share for the 2018 season.  As usual, we have lots of big ideas for continuing to improve the farm, and we want to know if you will be with us as we make our plans for the upcoming season. After several years of no price increase, there will be a 3% increase in share price for 2018, to help us keep up with the cost of doing business - especially with employee salaries. We do everything we can to keep our share price low and we believe it is still very competitive, providing great value for you and your family.

We are keeping our renewal process the same as last year. Simply fill out the form (which you can find on the website, or in the farm shop) and send it in with your "Save My Share" deposit, (or renew online through our website) by October 31. After that time, we will fill the farm on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not delay; We don’t want to lose you! If you have any questions, special concerns, or need more information about our renewal process, please contact us. We hope that you will join us for the coming season.

We will also sent you a dedicated e-mail about renewals this week, in an effort to make sure everyone knows it's that time of year and has the opportunity to renew their share!

Your Farmer,

Zoe (for Dan, Karen, Rebecca, Sunny and Ellen)



When Does Regular Distribution End?
We should have beautiful crops
and continue the same schedule
thru Thanksgiving

When Can I Renew My Regular Share?
Right now!
Find a renewal form in the farm shop,
or do renew online at
Please renew your share by October 31.

When Can I Buy a Winter Share?
Also, right now!
Find a sign up sheet in the farm shop,
or do sign up online at

When Will Brookfield Farm
Beef & Pork be Available?

Our Pork Sale is planned for
Saturday November 11.
Our Beef Sale will be in January,