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November 12 & 19, 2016 - Distribution Week #23 & 24

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what's new this week

A Few Last Tricks!!!

Butternut Squash:  Here it is - the classic New England squash. After careful curing in the greenhouse it issweet, vibrant orange, and full of seeds that are also good for roasting.

Yellow Onions:  Now cured, these are bulbs are pungent and delicious and will store in the pantry for weeks.  

Garlic: We have finished planting next years crop, so here's the rest of the seed for you to all eat!  

Celeriac: This gnarled root, once it's peeled and shredded, reveals the flavor of celery with just a little bit more. 


what's on the way

A Big Rest For Us!!


Bulk Produce

Sweet Potatoes,
Delicata, Buttercup, Butternut Squash,
Pie Pumpkins,
Green Cabbage
Black Radish,
Daikon Radish
Gilfeather Turnip:

Green Kale,
Collards: $2 / lb

to purchase bulk produce:

in the farm shop:
just come on in and see the farm shopkeeper

in the Boston area:
 visit our new Bulk Produce Shop on our website:


REcipe of The Week

What's happening at the farm

Pic of the week

Our Fields (And Farmers) Are Ready For A Long Rest


Special Events


This is our last newsletter for the regular season.

Our final distribution in the Boston area will be on
Thursday November 17th (special big box!!)

Our final distribution day at the Farm Shop will be
Tuesday Nov. 22nd, 1:30-6:30pm.

Thanks for all of your support and see you next spring!

When Can I Renew My Regular Share?
Now - renew online to assure your family fresh food in 2017!!


The Winter Share in It's Full Root-Cellar GLory!!


Still a Few Available

Our storage crop harvest is looking good!

We anticipate a terrific winter share
Eat well from December through March
Sweet Potatoes, Roots, Cabbage, Onions, and more

Winter Shares cost $155 for the season.

Pick up the signup sheet at the Farm Shop or purchase a winter share online

The CRew Flips For Storage Crops!!

The CRew Flips For Storage Crops!!