Just Go With It

On Monday, the week dawned with a cold chill in the air and a strong wind. I certainly did not need the weatherman to know where this was going, so I sprung into action; Re-set the priorities. Got ready for the beginning of the end.  

Some years I lament the first killing frost. With others it's a blessing. But this year, I am too confused to know what it all means, so I just went with it. I just reacted. It was summer a week ago. And now it appears to be fall. But is it September? October? November?  Who knows!   But, the leaves are turning. And it seems like we've had peppers and eggplants forever. So, let's get to it - here comes the cold!  

We harvested just what was necessary for the regular harvest. Then we moved towards covering the lettuce (which has had so much trouble this fall, that it certainly didn't need a frost on it's head). Then to the peppers and eggplants, where we stripped all of the remaining fruit from the once-productive plants. Then another bed of sweet potatoes out of the ground (leaving us just 2 to go). Then close the fieldhouses. Make sure the harvested sweet potatoes are all tucked into the greenhouse. Check the heater to make sure we have plenty of propane. Close the door. Put a rock in front of it, just to be sure. And go home.

Sure enough, the next day dawned white and frosty, leaving us without tomatoes, galinsoga (tender weeds!), or really any cares in the world.The soup season is upon us and nothing stands between us and a big rest (besides a wide ribbon with many tons of hearty food to harvest over the next 6 weeks). We finished the sweet potatoes on Wednesday with the leaf show peaking, and surveyed they scene; Over 12,000 lbs of delicious future pies in storage and here we are, ready to clean up, and head for home.

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)