Sweet Spot

We don't worry about water anymore. We don't worry about excessive heat anymore. We don't look for our shorts anymore. We just do one thing. We harvest sweet potatoes.

While we were off fretting about irrigation sprinklers, possibly dwindling water sources, carrot germination, and wilting squash and broccoli, the sweet potatoes were taking care of themselves. Having been planted in one of our siltiest, wettest zones, once they established (late June), they were off to the races. Half were grown on beds using plastic mulch and drip irrigation. These we watered through July. The other half, on bare ground, were never irrigated. And still, the vines kept growing. At some point in early September, (with the 2nd drought wave) the vines started wilting but the spuds looked like they were sizing up, and then it rained.

This particular harvest has a lot of drama to it, because it takes a while to get to it, with all of those vines to get rid of. So after a week of prep, with our schedules cleared, and the weather cooperating, it was finally time for the main event. The digger bar goes under, the spuds come up. Then we scrum through the loose earth, put spuds in buckets, then back to the shed to empty them into bags. It's a bit slow since we don't want to use our potato digger (as it dings up the roots). But it's quiet, enjoyable work in the early October sun, and by weeks end we had over 9000 lbs in the greenhouse where they will cure for 2 weeks and sweeten up. The size is great (not many footballs this year!) and the ones we tested earlier this month were delicious. So, sit tight, root for the Red Sox while they cure, and by the time we get to the ALCS it will be time for afor a sweet fall pie!!

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)