Strong to the Finish - Feb/March


it did snow once, at least......

Strong To The FInish

Hard to believe that I am here with the "end-of-the-winter-newsletter" when it really seems as if we didn't have much of winter at all. Sure it was -17F last week. And the loader tractor had trouble working. And it really seemed like two neck warmers were still not enough. But then it was over. A snow storm and then quickly followed by what can only be called a very big spring rain. And now it seems, even if it does get cold and snowy long could it last?  Of course, predicting the weather is a fools errand, but at least the view from the rear-view mirror is that this was a winter that wasn't.

No matter the weather, we still move about the farm with the usual winter chores - the yearly newsletter was written, published, and sent to your (U.S.) mailboxes Friday. With that, the final bows were tied on last season, and it is now officially time to start looking forward. Zoe spent much of the last month doing some research on new projects. She is looking into ways of providing a better evaluation process for our apprentices. And a new and updated website. And share marketing. When she wasn't thinking about next year, she was taking care of our equipment repair (that loader tractor!) and getting the greenhouse ready for March. Karen and Zoe and I have been meeting to divvy up management tasks for the season ahead. And Abbe has been hard at work entering new shareholders and payments into our database and keeping the administrative wheels greased.

All of this now points to the very real direction of getting next season up and running. In 4 short weeks we will sow the first seeds in the greenhouse. Then two weeks after that our new apprentices will arrive at the farm. The following week we expect to plow the fields. And then, well, you know......we will see you all again in November!!

So, despite the fact that this seemed like a winter without a winter, we now face the future as if there will be a spring that is a spring. Only time will tell. For now, we will finish this winter share in style with terrific storage crops, and begin to really get ready to see fresh, live, green food growing out of the soft, warm, earth in the not-too-distant-future. 

We hope you have enjoyed the winter bounty,

Farmer Dan
(for Karen, Abbe, and Zoe)