Happy Birthday To Us

The farm is abuzz with activity these days as the spring weather has turned hot and dry leaving us free to go about our business of getting the fields ready for planting. Our three new apprentices are learning the ropes and getting this place in shape. John has spread over 40 tons of compost where the early brassicas (cabbage, kale, broccoli) and tomatoes will go. That paves the way for Rebecca to plow the cover crops and compost into the soil (she was up to 11 acres by Thursday afternoon).  At which point Sunny (the-artist-formerly-known-as-Becca), swoops in and makes planting beds and then sows seeds upon them (spinach, peas, carrots, beets, and lettuce this week). All of this activity gets us ready to do it all over again for next couple of months as we move through the planting season - next week we strawberries, brassicas, and potatoes. Then onto the early tomatoes and cucumbers (in the field house this year). Then the onions and leeks. Onward towards our spring lodestar - the hopeful future harvest.

This is an exciting and overwhelming time of year. So many projects to do. So many plans bring to fruition. So many winter dreams to turn into spring realities. And no long sleeves or wool hats to slow us down! We have a spring in our step (as a farmers always do), but try hard to not to get too far ahead of ourselves. It seems like everything needs to be done all at once, but we can only go one step at a time. The compost has to be spread before the plow can come around.

One thing that dawned on us this winter was that this will be the 30th season that our farm has operated as a CSA. Starting as a sweet (and somewhat solitary) dream by Claire & Dave Fortier with their farmers Nicki and Ian Robb, we now know that this little dream has taken on quite a life of its' own. As the 3rd CSA in the US in 1986, we are now part of a web that is many thousands of farms strong, serving millions of people nationwide (and around the world). In celebration of this milestone, and so that we remember where we came from, we have a few special plans for this special season. Mostly we will be looking to connect to our current, past, and future community of supporters, which we know is the real story behind the phenomenon of the "weekly-box-of-vegetables." Read below to see what's happening this week and keep your eyes out for our season-long celebration. Happy Birthday to us! All of us.

Looking forward to a great season ahead

Your Farmer,

Dan (for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny!)