The Countdown Begins!!

The Countdown Begins!!

We can see it now and we are getting excited for it!  In just one week we will be ready to start distributing some of the fruits of our last two months labor!! We have a few things to do before we will be happy to see you, but we can see the starting line clearly now. We have to clean up the Farm Shop a little more (probably don't want the fork lift in there during distribution days). And we need to plant the melons. And seed another bed of greens. We have to train our Boston driver. And we need to get the parking lot signs straight.

But then we will be ready. The heat last week really helped move everything along and the crops are mostly looking terrific. The greens and radishes are really growing now. And the lettuce is sizing up. And the strawberries look like berries (and not flowers anymore). The spinach (as usual) is not looking so great (it didn't like the 97F heat last weekend) but the early tomatoes and summer squash are booming with hopeful signs of early July harvests.

So, we put some new sides on the harvest truck. And we washed all of the lugs and harvest barrels. Once this final countdown is over, we will train the new crew how to harvest lettuce, and then be so glad to see you next week.

Looking forward to a great season ahead

Your Farmer,

Dan (for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)