And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

After a dry spell this long and hard I just stop believeing in the weather forecast. So, only after I had really seen the puddles, seen the buckets, seen the fields, and got the text from Zoe that it was really raining, did I believe that we actually received some free moisture last weekend. While it only amounted to 1/2", that was nearly half of our entire total for June, so we were all grateful and a little relieved. So we did what could be done....we took two days off of irrigating, caught up on planting and seeding, and then got right back at this hot and dry season!

With moisture in the soil for the first time in a while, we set our sights on the fall carrots and beets. We had delayed this by one week hoping for some water to germinate the tiny seeds. Sunny and I seeded an acre into clean beds which hopefully will yield tens of thousands of pounds in October and November. Meanwhile Zoe took a crew to North Field at Small One's Farm, where they had almost-mud between their toes as they put in the first big planting of fall broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, and toscano kale.

By Wednesday, it was time to get back to reality (and 90F). Zoe and Karen moved pipes and watered the onions, while the weeder crew cleaned up the late zucchini and cucumbers, August lettuce, swiss chard, and all of the winter squash (for the last time). Meanwhile John cultivated the corn, Rebecca cultivated the beans, and the Sunny cultivated the winter squash.  I drove around picking up the pieces and keeping it all together.

All the while, we brought in our first really big harvest of the season - the garlic. With a volunteer crew on Saturday, and an all-hands-on-deck Wednesday and Thursday, those stinking rose are now safely hung in the barn to dry. What a week!!

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)