Dry As A Bone

How dry is a bone?  I really have no idea. But it must be pretty dry to have a saying about it. In any case, if a bone is that dry, we are definitely as dry as that. Definitely. With the constant sun and (mostly) heat beating down on our little farm, and then a near-but-total-miss for a thunderstorm on Monday, we are left with plants that are starting to show signs of stress, even soon after they are watered.  The lettuce and summer squash in the sandy Snyder field needs to be watered every 4 days or else they begin to wilt. And the crops that can't be irrigated are starting to be counted as total losses. The first two plantings of sweet corn are only a dream. The russet potatoes are marble-sized.  Even the winter squash, in the typically wet North Field at Small Ones Farm is starting to wilt in the afternoon.

Beyond that, and more ominously for our fall crops, our water sources are showing signs of stress as well. The Snyder pond, only 12' when it was originally dug in 1995, is down about 4'. So low that Zoe needed the whole crew to move the pump so that the inlet hose would reach the receding water.

Still, with all of that, nearly everywhere we turn, towards crops that have been kept alive for these past 7 dry weeks, we find bumper after bumper. First we nearly drowned in cucumbers on Monday. On Wednesday, the beets and carrots really hit their stride. And on Friday the tomatoes and eggplants showed themselves to be possible champions of the summer.

So this, season's story continues as it began: When will it rain? Who knows. When will we be done harvesting?  Never.  

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)