More of the Same (Mostly)

One more week, and it's just more of the same for us. Mostly. More sun. More heat. No rain. Irrigating. Cultivating. Handweeding. Tending. Harvesting. Repeat.  Okay, we did have a little rain this week. Very little. On Tuesday morning we awoke to tiny sprinkle sounds on the roof.  Like a sweet memory of forgotten good times. It came out of nowhere, and lasted long enough to change our plan. We planted a bed of parsley bed and then the last Brussels' sprouts crop. It was only about 1/4" but it was enough to change our attitude for a while. It was also enough to keep our first fall cabbage and broccoli alive in the North Field, over at Small One's Farm

Over there, we have no irrigation. There is no established water source for those 9 acres, so we put our least water-sensitive crops there - potatoes, corn, winter squash, fall brassicas - and roll the dice. They usually so just fine. The North Field has a lot of clay, so it stays wet without much water. That's where the squash and the broccoli are and they look good right now. However the East Field is pretty sandy and dries out quick. It is taking this little drought pretty hard. The first sweet corn crop has "pineappled," (turning it's leaves pointy and light green), a sure sign that the ears won't be very good. And while the potatoes are well-cultivated, fertilized, and protected from Colorado potato beetles, they now are looking very drought-stressed. And there's just nothing we can do for these two crops. Except hope.

With everything else, though, it's not just hoping; it's just moving pipe and turning on pumps and cleaning out sprinklers. It's cultivating our summer crops past the point of establishment. It's the weeder crew cleaning up the crops after the tractors come through. It's tying tomatoes to their trellis stakes. Just like last week. No rest for the weary, but plenty of beautiful crops out there for the picking. This week a mountain of cucumbers is falling upon us. The carrots loom large next week. And on the near-distant horizon tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions, and melons promise a summer awash in food.  It may rain soon and bring us some blessed relief. Who knows. But until then, head down, moving forward.

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)

The Weeder CRew Gets Busy IN The WInter Squash!!