A Whole New World?

We figured our vacation was over on Monday morning. After a week without irrigating, we were well rested and ready to get back to this season as we remembered it. We geared up for a huge tomato harvest on Monday, sent someone to Adams Farm to pick up our beef, cultivated all afternoon, and laid pipe in the fall carrots.  On Tuesday morning, the sprinklers were turning again as the sun shone high in the sky and we harvested another beautiful haul of eggplants and green peppers.  

Then the forecast started taking a turn for impending storms, so we switched gears. Karen and Zoe kept the cultivators moving through the fall crops while Sunny and I started scurrying to put the fall spinach, lettuce, and greens in the ground and preparing our last fields for plants to go in the ground.

I didn't cancel the weeder crew for Wednesday (just to make sure it WOULD rain), but by 9am it was raining hard enough that we transformed them into a harvest crew, as we found ourselves in a good-old rain-slog harvest of cucumbers and squash. As the rain kept falling, we took the time to remove the old cukes from the fieldhouse to make way for early-winter kale and spinach. In the afternoon, we planted kale, broccoli, and collards as the spinach seeds in the ground soaked up the free moisture. Wow, that was different!

By Thursday we realized that we had a whole new problem. Only one dry day left before a bunch more stormy weather on the horizon. And nearly all of the melons were ripe. And we needed to move our herd and their 3 new calves to a new field (that actually had grass!!). And the forecast for 95F. So we scrambled:   We cancelled the beef sale (no time to set up or re-stock). We moved the cows into their new pasture (a bit of a rodeo). And then, Karen, John, Zoe, and I piled all the melons and then brought over 5000 lbs home. Not exactly sure where we are, but by Friday all of the melons were in the barn, all of the plants were watered in the ground, all of the cows had grass, all of the tomatoes were sorted in the Farm Shop, and there's more free water in the forecast. Feels a bit like a whole new world out here.

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)