Sweet Relief

When last we spoke, I wondered if we could get lucky again and get rain just before our beautiful brassica field fully died a withering fate on the vine?  On Sunday, the day smelled like rain. And the sky looked like rain. And it even rained a little in the morning, but nothing else. I tried to keep my cool and expect nothing. "Will it rain today?" "No", I cautioned "That high pressure ridge will most likely just push it north."

That night, I slept on the porch, since my dog Merlin, wasn't very happy. He never liked storms: Always pacing and panting around the house looking unsettled. But he handled the storms better if we were nearby,  I tried to get him to sleep on his bed on the porch. I took the couch (and hoped he was right about the storm coming). Then, the pitter-pat of rain drops. Then the deluge of rain sheets, now coming in through the screens sideways. I dropped the curtain so he wouldn't get wet. I fell asleep like a baby.

In the morning we awoke to a full blown rain deluge, which stopped long enough for the crew to get the soggy harvest done. Then in the afternoon it poured again, and again, leaving me pretty much walking around in circles not knowing what to do with myself. I finished my mid-year report for the Board. The crew washed lugs to get ready for sweet potatoes next week. Delirium

And sure enough, everything after that was changed. The brassica field, now with wet, muddy feet, stopped wilting and started heading up cabbage and broccoli almost immediately. The fall kale doubled in size. And without irrigation to tend to, we made quick work of clipping and binning a big winter squash field. By the time Friday rolled around, with the threat of frost on the radar for Saturday, we closed the greenhouse door on 30,000 lbs of winter squash and head contentedly into the rest of this season.

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, John, Rebecca, and Sunny)