Between Last Year and Next Year

December can be a funny transition on the farm. The apprentices' season is over, so we're more often working on our own. Less boisterous, more rested. We're left to our own devices for lunch too, which is admittedly disorienting when we've had the pleasure of eating Karen's lunches all season. We attempt looking back on last year and looking forward to next all mixed in together like trying a new recipe for root vegetable soup.  

We take deep breaths and some days off. We go out for a coffee. We start to button up our loose ends from last year, starting with mulching the strawberries and garlic. The equipment is nestled all snug in the fieldhouses. The cows are in their winter pasture. We mowed the raspberries into their winter buzz cuts. We delight in how neat the farm looks.

And, somehow concurrently, we look forward to next year. "Let's get a a big water reel for irrigation!" Dan did research and then placed the order, continuing to invest in getting water where we need it when we need it. I took my gloves off by the office heater and ordered most of our seeds for next year.

This can feel like spinning, looking forward and backward at once. Luckily, being farmers beholden to weather has its perks, bringing us to the present and structuring our time with degrees and precipitation. We make lists and follow them based on the conditions. Now it's snowing, now it's melting. Now is time to split firewood. Now is time for tea or a nap. Now is time to write my first newsletter. Now is time for a winter share week!

Wishing you a joyful New Year of presence
wherever you are Now,

Your Farmer, Zoe
(for Dan, Karen, Abbe, John, & Sunny)