Rain Sandwich with Sunshine Bread

Two sunny days on the schedule: Monday (for sweet potatoes) and Friday (for regular spuds). These last sweet potato beds had some peculiar characteristics that we're finding more common with sweet potatoes like these, grown on plastic mulch: some of the potatoes are huge. All the water comes in one hole in the plastic, so instead of spreading out along the root, they tend to just get bigger in one spot. Bigger than a newborn baby. Bigger than a cat. Once year, a winter shareholder photoshopped one to look like a giant asteroid hitting earth. They make an impression. And by the end of Monday, they were all bagged up in the greenhouse!

Then Tuesday through Thursday were rainy, perfect time to pop the garlic for planting. Separating the cloves is the last step before we push them deep in the cold soil, where they want to grow a few roots and then sleep all winter before sprouting up in spring.

Friday the sun came out again, muddy but bright and dry enough to dig and pick up the potatoes. And so, we did! That's what we call a rain sandwich. And for dessert, I see some cold nights coming up. We're craving those like sugar - not just for the fire in the wood stove but also because once the cellar gets cold we can begin to bring in the bulk cabbage and roots. Time to root root root for some chilly weather! We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer, Zoe
(for Dan, Karen, Abbe, Rebecca, Sunny and Ellen)