Step One: Eat Breakfast

Step One: Eat Breakfast

With the 60 degree weather we've had, it's hard to remember that the week before we were above our knees in snow. The day it first fell Dan and I sat at our computers, periodically jumping up like popcorn kernels to look at the accumulation out the window. A group of us skied before the gale force winds even stopped. Everything was quiet. We'd been waiting for this. After all the snow plowing and shoveling, we did indoor work - Dan compiled and sent out our big end of year re-cap and I got the crop plan made and along to the fine-tuning stage.

We were deep in snow-mode there for awhile, reveling in everything it brings. But soon I was shedding layers all along the ski trail, and the next time I was out skiing in my T-shirt. And now it's that time of year when we look at the calendar and we realize we need to move all the storage out of the greenhouse, because the potting soil will arrive soon. And after the potting soil arrives, we'll be getting ready for that not-so-far-off day when we turn on the heat and seed the onions and leeks for 2017.

Like the woodchucks emerging from their dens and the geese that are already flying north, we farmers too have reached the time when we shift our pace, wiggle our fingers free of our mittens, and ride the snowmelt rushing down stream to the season ahead. "March!" It's the month that's also a call to action.

As we wake up from our long winter's "nap," I'm aware of all the work we've done ahead of time to ease our way: all the crop planning, hiring, management-divvying.  Even back in November, when we wrapped newspaper around the biggest cabbages like gifts, we were preparing for this time when we rely on nourishment from last season to kick-start this new one. As we stretch and get ready to grow fresh, live green food, I'm grateful for the storage crops (look in the share for those biggest cabbages!), and thankful for nutritious food to eat in this season's pre-dawn hours. It feels like starting a big day with a good breakfast.

Your Farmer, Zoe
(for Dan, Karen, Abbe, John, & Sunny)