The Spring Crescendo

We're doin' the spring swing over here on the farm - the activated, green, growing, tender spring swing. At the beginning of the month, the apprentices started their season and we grew from our core staff singin' through the winter into a little band playing the first few bars of a season-long piece of music. We all began together to go about our business of getting the fields ready for planting and getting the plants ready for the fields. If we're an orchestra, the weather plays the oboe. Orchestras tune to the oboe because it's the hardest instrument to adjust, and so it goes with us: when it rains in the spring we plant seeds in the greenhouse and prep equipment, and when it's sunny we head outside.

The apprentices have learned their new tractors and taken their tools into the field: Rebecca spreads the compost to improve our soil, then Sunny plows and harrows to prepare the fields, and then Ellen follows making beds for the plants and putting seeds in the ground. Ken gives all the instruments their spring tune ups. Abbe keeps up with all the share sign ups. I'm learning how to conduct these musicians and the first bars of this seasons symphony, the ins and outs of how to organize a daily work plan, how to train apprentices in farm management areas, how to keep good notes. Karen's fencing new pastures for the cows to enjoy the fast-growing grass. And Dan's been finding some new farm vehicles and training me in my new role. Dan would use a baseball analogy instead, but in my orchestra analogy he and Karen hold the sheet music, keeping us true to the score we arranged this winter. It's a piece of music originally composed over 30 years ago, a classic that gets some new riffs every year, and that always gets your feet tappin' to a familiar funky beat. Brookfield Farm!

Together we're increasing the pace and the volume in this spring crescendo - onward towards the beginning of June when we harvest vegetables and open the Farm Shop!

You don't have to wait til June - there's lots happening on the farm this spring that we want you to know about. Read on for Spring Events and Announcements, ways to get involved and support your farm.

With spring in our steps,

Your Farmer,
Zoe (for Dan, Karen, Abbe, Ken, Rebecca, Sunny, and Ellen)