Every season begins with dreams. With plans. With hopes. Anxieties. Expectations. And eventually those foreshadows are replaced with realities. With experiences. With memories. Pounds. Facts. Sometimes the before looks like the after. Sometimes not so much. Doesn't matter, really. Eventually, all is revealed.  It's the crux of the matter that interests me. When we move from before to after. From controllable to deal-with-it.

This season we had dreams of growing 30 acres of produce. Selling 525 CSA shares. Training 3 apprentices. Hiring a new farm manager. Transitioning two farmers-into-general-managers-getting-some-time-off.   The season started rather by-the-book, with all plans made, all staff hired, all seeds ordered, and all apprentices arrived.  Then all machines tuned up, all shares sold, all fields plowed, all plants sown in the greenhouse, seeds sown in the ground, rain from the sky. At the end of May, the weather turned cold and wet, and the plants stopped growing. The woodchucks ate a lot of cabbage. And then the rain mostly stopped. The rest of the plants went into the ground. The weather warmed up, the weeder crew kicked into high gear, the cows went to the correct pasture, and the strawberries ripened.

And look at us now. Where's Zoe? She's got the weekend off! Once a month was part of the plan, and here we are living it. And here I am, writing a newsletter for the first time since last November. It's all the same farm, yet it's all completely different. Just like we hoped.  We don't know yet, where this ship is sailing. But we do know that it is now afloat, we have set sail for the distant shore, which we have heard is to be found along this heading. Will we get there? Who will we be when we get there? Unknown. But for now, we know we are just cruising; Tending. Weeding. Watering. Dealing with "pests." Harvesting. We are here; Right between what it could be and what it was.

We hope you enjoy the ride,  

Your (other) Farmer,
(for Zoe, Karen, Abbe, Rebecca, Sunny and Ellen)