Rinse and Repeat

Last Friday, after our first full week of sunny days and an afternoon of planting cabbage, brussel sprouts and lettuce, we were relaxing and telling stories on the back porch when the rain came. It soaked in all the new plants for us. Just what we needed. Ah.

By Monday, things had dried out again and we set to work: it looked like a whole sunny week for plant care and cultivating, still an unfamiliar forecast in this so-far-so-wet season. For three days, every tractor moved almost all the time, choosing the best tool we have for each task, for each spacing, each growth stage of every crop.  On Tuesday Will helped Karen set out tomato stakes and uncover the melons, which were just bursting at the seams - ready to vine-out and make a melon carpet across the patch. And then on Wednesday the weeders pounded all those stakes into the ground to support the growing tomatoes! We ate crew lunch together feeling mighty and strong.

Our urgent tasks accomplished, we found time to look ahead: Rebecca enthusiastically tackled the big (two tractor!) task of compost making, transforming the huge "catch pile" of material into beautiful windrows for next season. And on Thursday after Sunny headed off with the boxes for Ware and Boston, Ellen and Dan started the seeder. Three miles of carrots later, this fall's crop was in the dry ground waiting for their final cue to grow: water. We took a minute to remember that last year at this time we'd been moving pipes every day for a month trying to water everything. Last year germinating the carrots was a many-person, many-hour effort.

Friday came again and we dug the first sweet carrots, planted in earliest spring. Moments later, down came the rain on thatnewly seeded fall crop. Ah. We were still harvesting and planting lettuce this week when it started, but as Zofia said, "why put on a raincoat now, I'm soaked!" We harvested right through. What a joy to be a farmer with a natural irrigation system. Time to crunch on some carrots and rejoice. Thank you, rain.

We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Dan Karen, Abbe, Rebecca, Sunny and Ellen)