Sweetness and Sunshine

Tuesday morning we headed out early for our first corn harvest. Mist and foggy windshields, counting corn stalks to place the barrels in the right place, picking ears down the rows. There's nothing like corn to make you feel tiny. We planted these seeds and now they tower over us. After hour of picking ears and lifting barrels full of corn, we have one more job left: test the corn. We test every morning after the pick to keep tabs on the flavor, ending the harvest on a really sweet note. Yum! We go to breakfast with our sweet tooths already satisfied.

Sweet is the word of the week. We'll continue our sweet corn routine, busy mornings that will structure our days for 7 or 8 weeks now. The sweet onions were ready and we harvested them in bulk - over 2000 lbs! in this week's sunny summer afternoons. How rare this year to be hot! Also sweet were the amazing notes we recieved from shareholders after we got late blight in the cherry tomatoes.  Pulling cherries just as the fruit is ripening - all the work put in and none of the rewards reeped - is a low moment. It can also feel like a long time to wait when we have less eggplant than we planned for because of this cooler weather, when each summer crop is a at least a week late because they need heat to fully ripen and sweeten. But just then, on come the great onions, corn, and mountains of field tomatoes ... the sweet reality that all those tiny transplants we tucked in in the spring grew this?! The shareholders come with the magical reality that the time we've spent together grows these kinds of relationships?! And we're cruising through a big harvest day shouting for joy - sweet sweet summer!

Farm shares - so much more of an emotional experience than a trip to the grocery store. In a world where we could choose to just go buy pretty much anything the minute we want it, I think that (along with the picked-this-morning freshness) it's that road of reality we've all been traveling that makes this corn so sweet. We hope you enjoy the harvest.

Your Farmer,
(for Dan, Karen, Abbe, Rebecca, Sunny and Ellen)