Hello again fan-on, windows-open sleeping weather. Oops - hello again pink sunburnt cheeks! Ah, hello again tomatoes - so nice to see you ripening up! Welcome back (briefly) to cold lunches, shorts, swimming holes, and sweaty pits. Days and nights are warm. Lucky for us, with a crop of squash to bring in, that first frost(so far) kept it's distance. So we got busy!

First, the harvests have outgrown their "harvest morning" time slot - it's "harvest day" this time of year. There's beautiful spinach to pick each morning - green gold from a cold early September. There's hours of brassica bounty: "womping" cabbage, filling barrels of kale, hunting through the broccoli rows, and clipping kohlrabi. Then sweet ripe peppers and tomatoes. Luckily, we hired awesome fall harvest help; Will Thornton joins our harvests three days a week and just when full-time farmers might feel fatigue, he's there with contagious positive energy.

On Monday afternoon the apprentices and Dan took a break from bringing in food to host the CRAFT program. They sat on the porch with 30 other apprentices from regional farms and heard from Dan about how we budget, how we record-keep, how we financially plan and account for what happens on the farm.  CRAFT is one of the ways this farm acts on our value of transparency and of mentorship. And Dan gives one great talk. "I can't imagine being that happy-go-lucky in September on a farm. Is he always that positive?" They ask. Lucky for us, yes he is, almost all the time!

We clipped squash when we could, a row here, a row there, between moving cows and setting up the farm shop and packing boxes for Boston. On Friday, we all headed out to the field and brought in the first four full bins. Will Thornton was so excited he couldn't even say words, just squawking with glee. Then we kept clipping, setting the table for a Monday of grinning and tossing. At the end of the day, the question feels more like how could we not be this happy-go-lucky in September? All our work laid out before us. These farmers' electric joy: throwing some squash through the air!

Your Farmer,
(for Dan, Karen, Abbe, Rebecca, Sunny and Ellen)