Between Stories and Dreams

With the sweet potatoes (all 32,250 lbs of them!) safely tucked in the greenhouse the soil cooling down, but the cellar not quite cold enough to bring in the carrots, it was time to turn to the crop of the hour......potatoes! So, whenever our regular harvest activities were done, we brought the new blue dream-digger to the spud field and plunged it deep down to bring this years’ harvest mystery to the surface.

The soil was heavy in the Pump Field on Middle St, as months of rain had pounded the air-holes gone. We had to dig slow, to try to get the clumps to break up and free the tubers from their mud-bound hiding spots. Some of the rows came up big, and others had large stretches where they had just melted away into goo after sitting in too much water too long. Still, we plugged away, the digger digging, bringing up clumps, weeds, and spuds. The harvest crew trailed behind, grubbing through it all, throwing weeds over their shoulders and big beautiful spuds into bucket after bucket. Survivors for sure, these hearty roots had somehow figured out how to hold on, how to make it through this deluge-season. By weeks’ end we had about 4500 lbs of them in the cellar, poised to cool down, as the night air is brought in to set them in the right direction for their long winter storage journey.

Meanwhile, with the Sox in the World Series (again!?!), we knew it was also time to start thinking about next season. Ellen rigged up the harrow and ran it through the old pumpkin patch again. Then Jake marked the field, and Ben pretending it was spring again, made some inviting, chocolate-cakey beds to plant the garlic cloves, before game 7 is over next week. Once again, the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end; The cellar fills up with stories of the past, and our fields are prepared to be planted with dreams of the future.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)