Winds of Change?....

Still mainly the same story this week, but (perhaps) with a couple of new twists. Yes we started with a sunny dry weekend (as usual). And a soaker of a rain storm on Tuesday night. Yes the brassica fields remain saturated. And another loss (goodbye arugula) to the muck. But there was a very bright spot this week, and (tentative) positive forecast to come.

Saturday dawned sunny so Karen and I ventured to the sweet potatoes, just to "test-the-waters" in the one field dry (sandy) enough to work. We set up the new digger. Plunged it deep into the earth. Held our breath. The digger worked as advertised (eerily quiet), lifting the whole bed, loosening vines, roots, and all without dinging up the delicate maroon skins. Karen took a bucket and went grubbing. Then Ben joined and grubbing they did!  They merely pulled on the vines, and behold, an absolutely huge "bushel of bananas!"  On and on they went filling bucket after bucket of very appropriately-sized roots. Then into bags. And before we knew it, the direction was clear: Twice the yield as our past average, and 3 times as fast to pick. On Monday, we brought the entire crew to the field and finished up what we had started.  All total, 6500 lbs came from that patch. That's our 10-year average, but that's only about 1/7th of this years crop; Do the math!  It's a bumper!!  

Then we lived through the rain storm. Everything got wet again. we thought the sweet potato story might have been a dream. We saw rotten rutabagas. And rotten cabbages.  And rotten Brussels' sprouts. But then it didn't rain. Even when there was a 30% chance. And then it didn't rain again. And then it was clear. And cooler. And somewhat windy. And the puddles started to recede a little. And my boots dried. And the forecast called for no rain til next Thursday. And.......We'll keep you posted.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)