Curve Ball

With all flags planted firmly in Potatoville, we thought we knew where we were headed when the week started. Then we noticed the deer prints. Then the deer nibbles. Then the full-blown deer-party remnants. Time to change directions.

With the weather giving us very tight windows for bringing in food, we needed to triage the potatoes (no current signs of deer nibbles), the garlic planting (it's been pretty warm this fall, so we probably have  a few more days), and the final cover cropping (same), and headed straight for the biggest value - the winter carrots!

This season has had many challenges (most of them have involving excess water). But, somewhat surprisingly, the deer pressure has also increased to levels I've never seen before on this farm. I figured that with lots of grass, etc (because of so much water) the deer would be content with plenty of food. But, we have seen their impact, first on the lettuce (thousands of heads eaten in July), then beets this fall, then the escarole (completely obliterated on Sunday, including eating holes in the row cover protecting them). So when the carrots seemed vulnerable, we knew we had to move quickly.

So on what felt might be the last warm day of the season, we rounded up the harvest crew, were joined by the Wheelhouse Farm Crew out for a volunteer afternoon, and made quick work the rest of the field. With 4000 lbs safely in storage, we closed the truck windows, and the barn doors, and waited for the next now-inevitable 2" of rain to start on Thursday night. Hopefully when all of this clears, we will get our garlic planted, and rye seeded, and then it's just cabbage, celeriac, and the last potatoes before we can call this season done........Who knows what next week will bring!

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)