And Finally, Some Rest

After a very memorable growing season, we brought the few surviving cabbages out of the muddy fields at Grays' Farm last Monday, and started cleaning up. We packed the squash and sweet potatoes into the walk-in warmer (used-to-be-cooler), organized the root cellar, and covered the strawberries and garlic. We cleaned out the barnyard at Snyder Farm, moved the cows into their winter lair, packed our machinery into the west field storage shed and called this season over. It was a long, soggy push to get the fall harvest in, but with over 53,000 lbs of beautiful produce in the safety of our winter storage areas, we are ready to head for a rest and share the remaining bounty of this season with all of you until March.

The apprentice crew has dispersed, with Jake heading to a new job (starting today!), Ben hibernating in Milwaukee, and Ellen taking a break before returning to work full time as our new Assistant Manager in January. Abbe continues to work in the office, making sure that checks are deposited and bills are paid. And Karen and I are laying the ground work for next season as we clean up the remains of this one. We still have a few outside jobs to do (mow the raspberries, make compost, etc), but we will get these jobs done in due course, without nearly the hustle and bustle of June.    

And then, eventually we will start to take a tally of all that happened around the farm these past months. Counting pounds of produce. Counting dollars and cents. Counting cows. Counting tons of compost. But first, we will start by counting sheep. As many as possible. And in between we hope to see you in the root cellar.

We hope you enjoy the winter bounty,

Farmer Dan
(for Karen, Abbe, and Ellen)