Happy New Year!

December started dry and cold and stayed that way for most of the early part of the month. We took advantage of the lack of rain and snow and continued cleaning up the remaining messes from this epic messy growing season.  I cleaned and stored machinery and supplies in every corner of every barn. Ellen repaired tomato stake carriers and sorted them out so we'd be ready for next July! And Karen cleaned places we didn't even know were messy all around the Farm Shop, the back porch, and farm yard. When it was too cold to go outside, we continued cleaning up inside messes and started to prepare for next season. Ellen tallied the harvest numbers, ordered the first round of seeds, and created some new surveys. Karen set up Brookfield Farm Hoodies to be available on Amazon! Abbe got the donations and share renewals recorded. And I really cleaned out the old email inbox!

We had a big rain storm on December 21st, which broke the dry streak and flooded the basement. We got the sump set up and dried it all out and realized that rain wasn't as big of a deal anymore now that the growing season was over. Then we had another week of dry weather, and cold nights, and no snow. And our loader tractor (broke since November) returned from the repair shop ready for action.  With Ellen on vacation, I pretended it was October, attached the spreader to the John Deere, brought 'em all to the compost pad near the blueberries and made many many (60?) tons of beautiful compost - and with that, 2018 was finished!  So now, we are set (for real) to look back on what happened (January) and then make plans to do it all again even better (February). 

We hope you enjoy the winter bounty,

Farmer Dan
(for Karen, Abbe, and Ellen)