In like a chameleon, out like a.....

Who really knows what to think anymore. Since last week, we have seen 4" of snow, 72F and sunny, and a cold 23F morning with frosty twigs. What's a farmer to do? Go the office and plan for the coming season!

We spent most of February wrapping up last year and getting ready to spring into the next. I spent most of my time writing the year-end newsletter; look for yours in the mail in a week or so (or go to our website - - and check out the color version!). Zoe took a well-earned vacation, and upon returning, set about laying out this years' field plans and hatching plans for keeping share sales strong. Karen started making plans for all of the great items available from our local partners in our Farm Shop as well as lunch program for the farm crew. And Abbe finished the 2017 financials and continued to process the new shares, the payments, and all of the other paper and bits that need to be dealt with to keep this cacaphony going year after year.

All the while the weather did what the weather does - anything it wants. When it got warmer, we went outside and got the cows fence re-set and the fieldhouse disaster cleaned up. When it got colder, we plowed and shoveled the snow and went to the office to click. And slowly, but surely, started to realize, that oh so soon we will be putting little tiny seeds in little tiny pots and starting the train once again.  Its so close, we can almost taste it.

We hope you have enjoyed the winter bounty,

Farmer Dan
(for Karen, Abbe, Zoe, Sunny, Rebecca, and John)