Off The Ground Again

When I set about dreaming about the season to come, sometime in the dead of winter, after I have shaken off some of the sleep from the last season's labors, I usually keep it simple; A nice sowing of carrots. With no weeds. Plenty of water. And a repaired digger bar to get them out of the ground smoothly and quickly. Then it gets embellished from there, with all types of remembrances and hopes for the future.

Then March comes and the greenhouse is planted. Then April and the ground warms and the plow turns the earth. Plants are planted. The crew is trained. The seeds are sown. Then the weeds grow and the pests come. And we meet them with ideas and strategies. Sometimes the rains stop in early June and we need to start irrigating. And before too long the heat comes, the plants grow, and it's time to start harvesting. We send out the word that the crops are ready and 1000 people come to the farm looking hungry for lettuce. Then we pack up 100 boxes and take them to our Boston shareholders. And, just like that, we have a farm again.

When the season begins it frequently seems like getting to this point, this day, is a near impossibility. People to hire and train. Machines to get started and keep running. Cows and calves to separate. Supplies to inventory and order. And on an on and on. But before I know it, every single time (and now for the 24th time), we do get to this place; The place where everything is happening. All at the same time. Tilling the earth. Sowing seeds. Planting plants. Outsmarting pests. Watering thirsty cells. Harvesting crops. Distributing food for your kitchens. 

This week, in the day-to-day, the farm is getting dry. The carrots need water. The strawberries are sweet and abundant.  But mostly, I'm thinking; We have made it again, and we are so glad to have seen you, heard from you, and gotten this hulking dirigible off the ground one more time. Let's Go!!

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Zoe, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)