The Sound of Cells Dividing


After two timely rain storms (June 18 & 24) each dropped a solid inch of rain on our thirsty crops, the character of this season completely changed. From near-drought conditions, complete with irrigation pipes being moved daily, we have gone nearly 180* right through a period of "adequate moisture," towards "deluge" after the last storm hit Thursday.

Luckily the forecast is dry the next week. And hot. This can only mean one thing; Happy plants (I will forget about the sweating farmers for a minute). Plants really only need a few things to grow. They need water. They need heat. And they need food - sunlight and soil nutrients.

So, now, our job is completely clear at this point; The water has been provided. The heat is now here in abundance. Sunlight? check. Soil nutrients? Compost spread in April. All we need to do is keep those plants from being out-competed by all of the other plants also enjoying these prime conditions; The dreaded weeds. So, that's what we do now - pull weeds, hack weeds, hoe weeds, bury weeds, cut weeds, weed weeds, and on an on, until these plants are established.

This week, the race is on! We are done planning. We are done preparing the soil. We are mostly done planting. Now it's time to put the nose to the grindstone and keep our plants in front of this impending wave that wants to bury them and all of our dreams with it. When you have over 10 million plants in the ground. And then it rains 3" in 14 days. And then the temps rise to the 90s. Do you know what that sound is? That's the sound of cells dividing!  And also, if you listen closely, the sound of farmers sweating. And then snoring.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Zoe, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)