Water and No-Water

This time of year, we really only need two things. Water and no-water. Ok, maybe a few more things (heat, time, luck....). But really just the first two. If it rains and then it stops raining, we are really happy. And so, it was all smiles this week.  

Monday dawned bright and sunny, giving us a chance to get the harvest done in good time. With the forecast for big rain the next day, we spent the afternoon trellising tomatoes (needs to be dry so we don't spread diseases) and cultivating (needs to be dry to kill some weeds).  The next day, we snuck our last planting of lettuce into the ground just as the sky opened and a veritable deluge ensued. The local weather stations (and our trusty 5 gal buckets) showed about 4 inches (a.k.a -"a lot"). After verifying that all of our newly-germinating carrots and beets did not wash away, we took in the good news that our big crops (sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, winter squash, etc) soaked it all up and were currently drunk on rapid plant growth.

Then, on cue, the rain stopped. With the weather turned "no-water" for the rest of the week, we returned to the big job of the week - the garlic harvest. After starting on Saturday with a great crew of community volunteers, we continued, whenever our daily harvest was done and we had more than three people available.  The digger bar now sunk easily into the soft soil, and the bulbs could be pulled and brought up to the loft in the barn (needs to be dry for storage). On Friday afternoon we brought the last barrels upstairs. Then cultivated a few more rows of pummeled carrots.  And crawled off to bed knowing that our big smelly beautiful crop was safe from the next water forecast for Saturday night.  It doesn't always go like this, but when it does, when we can calmly live in the razors' edge between water and no-water, we are simply thankful.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Zoe, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)