Turn Up The Heat

It's raining now. And the feeling of sweet relief is in the air. The moisture, from the sky, is promising to replace the moisture that has blanketed every pore of our beings for the past 7 days. The weather forecast of a low of 50F tonight promises to give us back a few winks of sleep, lost to the tossing and turning of heavy air.

On Saturday, the temps soared (as predicted) to the mid-90s. And that's where they stayed through Thursday, only taking a break to get up towards 100F on Sunday and Tuesday. While we have been changing our shirts as quickly as our minds, pouring water over our heads, and sometimes running through the soil after trellising tomatoes (since we left our shoes at the far end, and it is starting to feel like hot coals), all of the plants around us have been thriving and exploding. We have spent our week keeping from being deluged - by over-producing plants, both the ones we want and the one's we don't.

The week of July 4th brings certain yearly milestones. The first carrots are ready to be dug. The winter squash needs to be hoed. Time to seed the fall carrots.  And so we set to it; The carrots were dug, along with the squash to be picked, the scallions to be bunched, and the cabbage to be womped. The biceps on the weeder crew are sore after 3 acres of hoeing, but our plants returned the favor, by exploding out into the newly freed space. They then turned their attention the nearly-engulfed sweet peppers, which now stand tall with the promise of huge August harvests. Then Jake prepped the beds, and I sowed several miles of fall carrots and beets. And now this rain is settling them in for (hopefully) a quick germination next week.

We are having a little trouble completely enjoying the sweet relief of this thunderstorm because of the weight of the huge Friday harvest and the impending avalanche of cucumbers on the immediate horizon. Alas. Nothing a nap won't cure. And some iced coffee. And the realization that is just where we we hoping to be.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Zoe, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)