Make Dry While The Sun Shines

It rained 'til the end of last Saturday. Then the sun came out on Sunday. And the drying began; The fields, the socks, the ruts, the tomato leaves, and some of the thoughts of doom. The forecast called for a few clear days and then a return to the tropical rain forest we now call home. Our next move was obvious: Cram a week of "dry" farm work into two days. No prob. We got this.

With the ground still a little wet for cultivating, we moved toward some "bulk harvesting" that was calling out for us. The sweet onions were ready (and showing first signs of distress from excess moisture). Sweet onions want to be harvested when its dry and then brought to the cooler (where they can store for up to 3 weeks). Jaden & Sydney cleaned the lugs on Monday morning and in the afternoon we scooped up 1600 lbs of beautiful white bulbs in the sunny Monday afternoon. With that crop safely tucked away, we turned towards putting the last string up on the tomato trellis (remember not to touch the plants when they are wet).

On Tuesday morning we sent one crew to finish yesterdays' daily harvest, and had a second crew get on the tractors to begin cultivating. Karen "basket weeded" the carrots, beets, and greens. And I "Lillistoned" and fertilized the leeks, celery, celeriac, and Brussels' sprouts. In the afternoon, Zoe and Jake "Hakked" all of the fall brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc). Alexandra "cubbed" and fertilized the beans in the upper field, while Ellen "swept" the lettuce and herbs. Then it was all hands on deck to finish the tomato trellising, while I snuck in a seeding of fall spinach and lettuce.  Then, right on cue, it was back to the jungle; Hot and humid, with thunderstorms at various times each day.  The plants are holding up pretty well. And we were happy to take what we could get.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Zoe, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)