The Winds Of Change

Everything is different. All the time.

After a month of rain & humidity, this week we saw no drops from the sky. The temps soared towards 100F on Tuesday and on Friday the high was in the mid 70s. The peppers and eggplants continued to struggle, but the potatoes & squash started to look like bumpers. The weeder crew went back to school. We went back to work. And so it goes.

On Monday, with impending change on the horizon, we seized upon the warming temps and clearing skies, packed the remaining weeders, harvesters, apprentices, and stray puppies into trucks, and headed up the Deerfield River for our annual "Crew Appreciation Day." An afternoon without toiling. Just floating. In the warmth of the remaining summer. A good reminder of the pleasure of simply being.

Newly fortified, we returned to the work of the season:  harvesting and repairing a water-battered farm. Tuesday saw us safely tuck away over 1600 lbs of red onions into the greenhouse to cure in the warm shade. Then we turned towards the big September project - the winter squash - as the spaghetti was looking ready. Sure enough, we filled lug after lug until over 2600 lbs found it's way to a place in the now-burgeoning greenhouse. And after picking the final ear of sweet corn on Wednesday am, (and passing the kids on the corner waiting for the school bus), we knew it was time to dip our big toe into the potato field.  With potatoes, you really never know - but what a splash it was....over 1200 lbs in 350'  (....aka: "a lot").

Meanwhile we spent whatever spare minutes we had cultivating (airing out) the still crusty soil - pancaked flat after a month of torrential rain. We spread fertilizer in hungry corners, and a few last weeders sweated it out to hoe the last acre of overly-damp broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. By the time it was all done on Friday, the barn smelled like a potatoes, we were still a little low on greens and peppers, but continue to be surrounded by tomatoes. Everything is different. All of the time.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)