All Dressed Up And.....

After a hot week, with the weather poised to change in a seasonal direction, we were laser-focused on just two tasks - bringing in the winter squash and pulling some  late-season weeds. We had all the other, usual jobs to do - regular harvesting, distributing shares, tending our cows & pigs, etc. But, the squash will rot if it stays in the field too long and if it gets below 33F at night. And the last, tender crops will be swallowed by weeds, burgeoning from weeks of heat and moisture. So, let's go!! 

Not so fast!!  The weather had other plans. The forecast went from a few sprinkles, to continued wet weather Monday through at Wednesday. And those jobs can't be done in the rain. Time to adjust!  We spent Monday harvesting and weeding spinach in a light drizzle. When the rain really came down around 3pm, we fled to the fieldhouse and stripped the early tomatoes of their last fruits of the season. Tuesday's soggy start pointed us towards removing tomato plants to prep the soil to sow kale for the winter. Then an unexpected break on Tuesday afternoon, let us re-direct a visiting UMASS sustainable ag class to handweed 3/4 of a mile of cutting lettuce and dig the weeks' potatoes just before more rain came back for real.

The rain poured hard Tuesday night, and into a Wednesday rain slog harvest morning. All the puddles were back. Signs of rot. Oh well. Pay no attention. As soon as the storm clouds began to clear, we went to the squash field to start piling. We lined up a field crew for Saturday. We made plans for a community Squash-a-palooza.  We piled again on Friday.  And now.....we are (hopefully) ready for what could be a big day today. We just might have found the window and can bring in our entire crop (~20,000 lbs) out of the wet fields and into the safety of the warm, dry greenhouse. If you have a minute, come on by.....

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)