A Whole New World

We were poised for a big win. The wagons loaded with bins. The squash mostly clipped and windrowed. The people invited. And as sure as the sun was shining, on Saturday afternoon we just knocked it out of the park. We lined people up two by two; One a thrower. One a catcher. And as the tractor pulled the wagon by, the thrower picked up the squash, and threw squash after squash to the catcher, who dropped the squash safely into the bin. 100 times and half the bin is full. Switch roles. Then 100 more. Then onto the next bin. Do this all afternoon, and by the time you know it, there are 19,000 lbs of squash safely stored in the greenhouse where they will cure and be protected from the cold nights to come.

After that big wave was crested, we made quick work of the remaining 10,000 lbs in the field on Monday. So by the time the next big rain came on Tuesday, we counted a seasonal tally of 35,000 lbs for the season - our best since 2007. It's nice to get a clean win after so many partial losses since early August.

Then as forecast, the next rain came. In buckets, as we expected, it dropped a solid 3" on the farm, ensuring that the brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels') would continue their struggles. But with the squash done, we turned our attention the "next-big-thing" - potato-town.   On Wednesday, we found them as big as we remembered, so dig we did!!  (We also took a sneak-peak at the sweet potatoes (next weeks' big adventure) and the early results were very good).

And just like that, everything seemed to change. The weather cooled off. The days seemed markedly shorter. The weeds were nearly no longer an issue.  The summer crops were ready to til in and the cover crops sown (see below). With the squash tucked-in and a bumper of potatoes on the horizon, we set our sights on the far shores of near-wintertime.  Here we come.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)