From Wet To Really Wet

With the forecast set for rain on Tuesday, we used the squash-in-the-greenhouse, some-potatoes-in-the-barn moment, to turn our attention Monday morning to two important season-transition projects...sowing cover crops on all of our early fields and hand-weeding the late-fall broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. It was a race to the finish, but by the end of the day, 8 acres were seeded and ready for the rains to soak the seeds towards germination in the still-warm soil.

The rain fell on cue and we spent the wet Tuesday cleaning our storage onions, laying out our most water-sensitive winter squash (Kabocha) in the greenhouse, and preparing the big fieldhouse for the return of the chickens. Two solid inches of rain fell on the farm, leaving it soaked, but if that was it, we'd be fine. We slid our way through a Wednesday harvest day, and tried to finish the cabbage weeding in the afternoon, almost knee-deep in the mud of the Middle Field. While that was going on, I started prepping sweet potato beds for harvest, by mowing the vines and digging out the pathways for the lifter.

That night, unexpectedly (for me) the lightning went wild, and the rain poured buckets. This soaker (I've lost count), left the farm wetter than I remember all year. Oh well. On a sunny Thursday we packed and delivered the shares for Boston, finished the regular harvest, and prepped more sweet potato beds. Then, overnight, the 30% chance of showers turned to 90% chance of heavy rain, and our plans for the sweet potato harvest would have to be delayed. As would the plans for an easy harvest - instead replaced by a rain slog, complete with mud up to your eyeballs and tractor axles. A little slower, but we lugged in loads of eggplant, carrots, greens, and more. We keep pushing forward, through this season-of-impending-yuk. Hoping for a rainbow and a clearing and a drying out. Not this week. Not yet.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,


(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Alex, Ben, and Jake)