Sweet Potato Fields Forever

For the first time in weeks, the weather forecast looked just slightly less than perfect; Threatening showers or rain every day from Tuesday - Friday. It's about time, I figured.

So we hit the ground running on Monday, figuring that may be our only day of harvesting. With the morning harvest out of the way by noon, the direction was clear: To the sweet potatoes. We want to get these out of the ground without too much delay; When the soil temperature dips much below 50F, they start to deteriorate (the week started at 68F but this can change quickly). The entire harvest takes 3-4 weeks and they need to cure in the greenhouse for 2 weeks to get sweet. Also, you can only harvest them when it's not raining; We knew what to do.

The digger was humming along, and the pickers behind were scrumming apace. Before we knew it we had bucketed, then bagged around 2000 lbs before calling it a day. Tuesday dawned cloudy, then threatened spitting, but held off, so dig we did again; Two beds this time and a cool 2700 lbs into the now-overflowing-greenhouse. On Wednesday the forecast drizzles never really materialized, but it didn't matter anyway, as we had an entire day of regular harvesting (which can be done in the rain anyway). Thursday was a planned catch-up day (fieldhouse renovation, cover-cropping, making more room in the greenhouse for more sweet potatoes, etc) and the rain held off 'til midnight anyway.

Which brought us to Friday, when the winds of change blew hard, accelerating the leaf show, but not stopping the sweet potato train for one minute. We dug all afternoon, bringing the greenhouse total to nearly 10,000 lbs (halfway there). Then covered the peppers before the frost. Oh well, I guess it was another perfect week after all.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Ben, Marlee, and Will)