Making Plans & Turning The Page

February and early March saw the return of some more winter-like weather. We were staring out at some actual piles of snow in the parking lot and the farm was covered in a restful bright blanket. Last weeks' warm weather started to change all that; Now as the light returns more and more each day, so does the hope inside all of us for what the coming growing season might have in store.

After having taken stock and written our yearly newsletter (hopefully you received it in the mail) it felt like the right time to start to turn our attention towards the future. For some seemingly-innate, definitely-unknown reason, that future always appears bright from this vantage point: enough, but not too much rain, plenty of sun, lots of warmth, and food flowing from the earth everywhere we turn. The seed catalogs help with this fantasy-land, but so does the amnesia that seems to be a necessary condition of a farmer's mind;  Always seeming to conveniently forget whatever tribulations we have just passed through to now viewing the possibilities on the road ahead. Of course, the road looks clear from here - nothing has happened yet and, yes, apparently hope springs eternal!!

We have continued out winters work; Ellen feeding the cows hay, distributing the winter share, and figuring out clever ways to attract new shareholders to the CSA. Abbe recording the payments and keeping our database up-to-date. Karen setting up the apprentice lunch program and keeping us stocked on products in the cellar. And me making new field maps, ordering supplies, and hiring next years crew.  And now, we head for the real turning point - the end of the winter distribution season, the beginning of greenhouse seedling production starting today, and welcoming our new apprentice crew on April 1.    Ready, set, here we go!!

We hope you have enjoyed your winter and are ready for the season to come,

Farmer Dan
(for Karen, Abbe, and Ellen)