Inching Closer

After a very wet April, we have moved to a somewhat wet May, with a little cold thrown in for good luck. There have been lots of stuck tractors and cold hands, but, just when we think the end is near (or maybe the beginning will never get here?), the sky brightens, the tractor makes it through the field, and we get the plants in the ground. The growing "plan" has been pretty much modified EVERYWHERE around the farm to enable us to make this all work, but somehow, someway, we are moving forward. Nearly everything has been seeded or planted on time, most crops have not rotted in the excessive rain, and we have enough acreage prepared for all of our planting for next week at least!

The crew has been hard at work with the typical work of the season: Will slings the compost onto the field. Ben works it in with the harrow and gets the fields nice and flat. Lia makes the very straight planting beds. Ellen leads the planting crew (lettuce, swiss chard, scallions, fennel, radicchio, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, sweet corn, and leeks are all in the ground) or Lia and I sow the seeds (peas, arugula, spinach, radish, carrots, beets, cilantro, dill are all germinated). Karen has gotten all of the fences set and moves our herd of cows through the pastures at Snyder Farm. And we all work in the greenhouse getting plants ready and tending those plants in the field after they have been planted or seeded (row covers installed and removed, weeds cultivated with tractors or pulled by hand, mulch installed on our half-acre of blueberries, etc).

Many days it feels like we are waiting and waiting for the rain to stop or for the fields to dry enough for us to walk or tractor in the fields without sinking. But lately, we look around, and slowly, slowly realize that the farm is getting planted, bit by bit - that this thing is coming together, inching closer every day to the real prize: when we get to harvest food from the earth for you and your family to eat.

Of course, at this time of year, everyone (including us) wants to know......when is our first distribution? Well, given the cold and wet, we are certainly not ahead of schedule for harvest. So that would lead us to estimate our first week of distribution will be from Saturday June 8 - Thursday June 13. However, the lettuce, greens, spinach, and radish have germinated. They've also been cultivated and the weather forecast is for 70F or higher for the next 6 days. So we are going to be prepared just in case it's a little earlier than that.  If it is earlier we will send an email, post on social media, and let you know.  In any case, with a little luck - it won't be long now and we will be happy to see you soon.

We are looking forward to a great season to come!!

Your Farmer,
Dan (for Karen, Ellen, Leila, Abbe, Ken, Ellen, Ben, Lia, and Will)