Timely Rain, Timely Sun, and Timely Help!

The temps last weekend reached into the triple digits, so we stopped exerting (and started sweating) ourselves by about 11am on Saturday. We finished the CSA distribution, and then mostly hid out inside. With a solid inch of rain on Wednesday and the forecast for some more on Tuesday, we could rest a little easy, figuring our plants would be able to withstand the hot blast. Sure enough, Monday dawned cool and comfortable (how DOES that happen?) and we set out to harvest as usual. But, with the forecast looking for more rain, even sooner than expected, we dug a few beds of garlic and dragged the barrels into the barn in a downpour at 1130am. After lunch the skies cleared momentarily, and we hustled to drop some cover crop seed on the ready corn & squash fields before the skies darkened again, and this time unloaded for real. This little heat wave was over

It rained steadily all night and by the time the morning came there was about 2" in the bucket (aka "the rain gauge"). With the forecast for another 5 days of sun to follow, this was an easy storm to accept with (almost) nothing but gratitude; Our thirsty plants soaking up the moisture with little danger of rot - just the rest of the garlic to harvest before they turn to mush. So, we planted our last bed of head lettuce for the season in a warm muddy field, and then set to the rest of the week - weeding, weeding, and some more field prep for our final crops to be planted next week. Opportunity knocked when a Smith College summer program contacted us looking for a productive way for 24 people spend a few hours learning about sustainable ag. We figured harvesting 8000 garlic bulbs would qualify, and they did not disappoint; pulling, bunching, hauling, and carrying them all up into the loft in about an hour. Wow. And now what? We just keep saying thank you and hope the timely rains keep falling, the timely sun keeps shining, and the timely help arrives ready to work!

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Ben, Lia, Marlee, and Will)