August Is Gone

When August begins, it's hot and muggy and the melons are threatening to ripen. The cucumbers are in full swing, the fieldhouse tomatoes are loaded, and the new sweet onions are ready to bunch. As the month wears on we bring in bins and bins of watermelons, then the eggplants size up, the peppers get some color, and the field tomatoes start to come on. We harvest for long days, and still find time to seed the fall lettuce and spinach. At the end of the day we go for a swim, and then fall asleep, dead in the pillow.

Then, somehow, the month comes to an end. We find ourselves on the last succession of sweet corn. And after picking it, we drive back to the farm and see kids standing on the corner waiting for the bus to school. The weeder crew goes to college or to high school, one by one, until they (and all of the weeds in the fall carrots) are gone. Then the tomatoes vines start to die back, and before you know it its time to dig a row of potatoes, and just like that, this summer is over.

This week, to add to this usual disorientation, one more exclamation point let us know that next week will be very different. Our apprentice, Lia picked her last eggplant of the season on Friday, and on Sunday is heading back to NYC to finish grad school at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She has given incredible energy and strength to this job and we are happy that she is planning to come to the Harvest Dinner in November so we can give her a real end-of season wrap up.

We will miss her, like we will miss the weeders and the melons and corn, as they will fade from current view. We will remember and appreciate all they have given as August gives way to the big fall harvests of squash, potatoes, carrots, and cabbages to come.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Ben, Lia, Marlee, and Will)