Still Dreaming

This week, Monday morning dawned with a satisfied feeling left over from last week. It came easy, with 11,000 lbs of beautiful squash sitting pretty in the greenhouse and the promise of another week of good weather (no frost and not much rain) laid out before us. Last week felt like a new world, this time I was ready to accept my good fortune.

The regular harvest takes less time these days as the tomatoes, with their demanding picking schedule, are fading fast. In their place, we get the greens, roots, and burgeoning brassica (kohlrabi, chinese cabbage, broccoli) fields done by noon. Then we turn to the bulk crops - squash & spuds. And if we can, sneak in a little handweeding to keep up with the still-maturing late-fall crops. If the weather is good, we can just rinse and repeat until we have 30,000 lbs of squash in the storage before any real cold nights show up.

And so it went…. On Monday, we dug a quick 900 lbs of spuds, then clipped our kabocha squash (green buttercup & red “sunshine”) in short order. With a few minutes left in the afternoon, we handweeded a bed of greens. Tuesday morning, while Marlee & Ben cultivated the fall kale and strawberries, Ellen, Will, and I started clipping the mighty butternut crop. That afternoon we binned up the kabocha and the first couple of bins of tan, dense butternut. Another 8000 lbs in the greenhouse, and still time to weed a bed of lettuce.

On Wednesday, Ben led us through a quick harvest and then Ellen took the entire crew to clip the remaining butternut. With a light rain on Thursday, we had a forced pause, so we caught up by removing the early tomato & basil plants from fieldhouses (to make room for greens). All of which just set us up perfectly for the cherry on top; A morning harvest on Friday, followed by a sunshine afternoon butternut-a-palooza. Looks like an even bigger crop than last year. Wake me when this dream is over. For now, I’m just enjoying it!

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Ben, Marlee, and Will)