Back To School. Back To Work

With nearly everyone back to school, three of us started the cool Monday morning in a fog as we picked a few straggler summer lettuce heads. After breakfast, the crew swelled to 6 as our Monday stalwart, Pete McLean joined us for the morning harvest. We were moving quicker now, but with 6 people you can only pick 1300 lbs of tomatoes so fast. But, still we kept at it, heads down, until the job was done. In the afternoon, September harvester Sam Newman joined us and during an afternoon rain storm, which watered the fall green while we sorted tomatoes, and clipped garlic in the loft.

On Tuesday with the weather clearing, we head to Small Ones' East Field for the main event of the week - harvest of the first winter squash - acorn & delicata. The fruit were waiting for us, and revealed what seemed like a big crop now that we were bending down to clip each one. We pushed through the morning and had about 1/4 of it done. So while Will worked the Farm Shop in the afternoon, we dug a bed of potatoes and Ben, Ellen, and I had a small scrum which brought in 550 lbs of spuds in an hour or so. We pumped up Will (who looked great), and went to West Field to handweed the fall greens for an hour.

And so it went the rest of the week - our seemingly-left-behind crew harvesting, clipping squash, distributing veggies, and handweeding the fall greens, cabbages, and lettuce. On and on, until Friday, when we finally amassed a big crew - apprentices, Karen, Pete, Sam, volunteers (Leo & Christina), and Chris Zobel - and headed for the big finish. With all of squash clipped, it was time to lug it, throw it, bin it, lift it, load it, and drive it home to the safety of the greenhouse. After all of that, we realized we had a pretty big crop - 7000 lbs of delicata and 4000 lbs of acorn - about twice the size of last year. Not bad for a few farmers, some friends, a couple of volunteers, and a sweet dog.

We hope you enjoy the harvest,

Your Farmer,
(for Karen, Abbe, Ellen, Ben, Marlee, and Will)