Boston Area Distribution Share

There are many, many choices for how to procure healthy and delicious food in the Boston Area. Buying a Brookfield Farm share is choosing to participate in a true CSA - a share of what we actually produce. This is the experience that connects you closely with your farmer, that enables you to share the risks and the rewards of the growing season on our farm.


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What's in a Share?

  • Throughout the season, your weekly share is made up of the freshest vegetables available from the farm. The variety and amount in the share depend on the season and the weather.

  • Your share will include between 6 and 22 lbs. (14 lbs. avg.) of produce each week from the first week of June 'til Thanksgiving.

  • Your share is freshly harvested by our crew. We select an average of 10 items, a highlight reel of what's in the fields.

  • We think this will be sufficient produce for 2 adults (non-vegetarian) or 1 adult (vegetarian)

  • here's a great description of our Boston Share from our past shareholder -


Your share also includes

  • We have pick-your-own gardens at the farm for local shareholders. We don't charge Boston area shareholders for the PYO crops, but if you make it out to the farm, your share includes the opportunity to visit the PYO and take the weeks PYO share for free. We want to encourage you to visit!

  • The opportunity to purchase our own bulk produce, when available, at wholesale prices. The bulk produce list is available weekly on the website, and your order will be delivered with your share. Great for feeding a crowd, or for canning and freezing.

  • The opportunity to purchase Brookfield Farm raised beef and pork, when available.

  • A weekly newsletter during harvest season with recipes, farm news, and other good stuff!

  • Access to Brookfield Farm's 50 acres of land for recreational use.

  • The opportunity for your family to participate in educational programs and seasonal festivals


Our Harvest Schedule

click to see the harvest schedule full size and legible!



Here's what you can expect from the seasonal produce in your share. The season begins with an abundance of greens, as well as spicy radishes, scallions and sweet hakurei turnips. We also often distribute our own popcorn in spring. These early greens-heavy shares soon give way to the fruits of summer, when the cucumbers and summer squash come in. Next comes carrots, cabbages, napa cabbages, beets, fennel etc. And then the tomatoes! And sweet corn!! And the eggplant, sweet peppers and hot peppers, to round out your ratatouille. Followed by fresh onions and then the fall harvest really sets in: broccoli and cauliflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and of course, winter squash. Here's our harvest calendar for a visual representation.




1 bu hakurei turnip
2 heads of lettuce
1 bu bok choy
1 bu arugula
1 pint strawberries
1 bu collard greens


1/2 dz sweet corn
1 canteloupe
1 spaghetti squash
4 lbs tomatoes
2 hot peppers
2 lbs cucumbers
2 lbs sweet onions
1 kohlrabi
3 sweet peppers
1 bunch of arugula
1 lb toscano kale




Your share price is $600 (included packing and delivery)


it's easy to become a shareholder

You can download this sign-up form and mail it to the farm with a check. Or, you can buy a share online with a credit card using the button below.

As the longest running CSA serving the Boston Area, many of our shareholders have been with the farm for more than 25 years! We have heard from shareholders who want to continue to belong to the farm, but who now need less food.  We value the multi-generational quality of our community. So, we designed our new Senior Share! Whether you are an aging longtime shareholder with changing needs, or a senior considering joining a CSA for the first time, we hope our Senior Share will be just what you're looking for!


distribution DeTAILS

Boston Area shareholders can choose from 5 distributions sites (see below for details) to pick up their shares on Thursdays between 3 - 8pm. We pack your share for you in a box, and deliver them just before pick up time.



Address: 107 Grafton St.

Site Coordinator: Deborah Kaplan

send an e-mail

phone (781) 643-5452




Address: 20 Chase Ave.

Site Coordinator: Carol Monzillo

send an e-mail

phone 781-307-8729




Address: Cambridge Co-housing 175 Richdale Ave.

Site Coordinator: Molly Lynn Watt

send an e-mail

phone (617) 354-8242


Jamaica Plain

Address: 64 Kenton Rd

Site Coordinator: Joy Silverstein

send an e-mail

phone (617) 686-2807




Address: 20 Park Place

Site Coordinator: Jen Hyde

send an e-mail



Splitting A Share

Of course you can split a share. For some single people, or couples who eat out a lot, a full share is too much food. We still want you to have the opportunity to be a part of the farm! You can share with friends and trade pick-ups or share with someone for just the summer if you go away on vacation.

If you would like to split a share, but don't have someone to split with, send us an email so we can find you a splitter!

And of course, if one share is not enough food, buy two. If you go away on vacation, you can give your share to your neighbor. Be creative!!


How do I know what is the right amount of produce for me?

Since, for most people, this is a new way of buying food, it is sometimes difficult to determine how it all will work in real life! We feel confident that our recommendations are accurate. Of course, if you are still not sure, please call us and we will have you speak with a current shareholder.


have a question?

Feel free to send us an e-mail at if you have any specific questions about whether this share is right for you.


it's easy to become a shareholder

You can download this sign-up form and mail it to the farm with a check. Or, you can buy a share online with a credit card using the button below.