What's In your Box!?

More Greens, Huge Lettuce, and a little Flavor!!

June 20, 2019 - DiStribution WEek #2

More Greens (and a little more)!!

Collard Greens: The bunch of dark green round leaves at the top of the box.

Swiss Chard: The bunch of lighter green leaves with white, yellow, and or pink stems …Check out this weeks recipe….

Head Lettuce: One red leaf and one romaine head this week - incredible taste and size - SALAD!!

Garlic Scapes: The bunch of curly stems near the middle of the box.

Broccoli: The first heads from the first crop - fresh picked and delicious - this crop will be limited this spring - and should have plenty in the fall.

Bok Choy: The small bunch of light green leaves with light green stems.

Champion Radish: The bunch of red roots near the bottom of the box - some are split due to rain - not a problem - they still taste great!!

Hakurei Turnip: The bunch of white roots near the bottom of the box.