What's In your Box!?

Summer = Corn, Tomatoes, & MELONS!!

August 16, 2018 - DiStribution WEek#10

Melon Time!!

Oregano: (not pictured) - small bunch of aromatic leaves at the top of the box.

Garlic: (not pictured) - in the paper bag with the tomatoes (this is dried and can be stored for a while out of the refrigerator)

Tomatoes: In the paper bag near the top of the box - last of the early crop from the field house

Swiss Chard: The bunch of green leaves with yellow, white, and or purple stems near the middle of the box.

Lettuce: Summer Crisp "Batavian" Lettuce - a little tougher than red leaf but crunchy and delicious!

Sweet Onions: The red elongated bulbs near the middle of the box. These are fresh onions - keep them in your fridge till you use them - not as pungent as storage onions.

Cucumbers: The dark green fruit near the bottom of the box!

Cantaloupe: The big round fruits head near the bottom of the box. All melons are picked ripe!  If you aren't going to use right away, refrigerate!! Check out this weeks' recipe.....

Sweet Corn: Yellow fresh picked - Getting bigger - maybe some ear worms at the top - if you don't want to see them, cut off the top 1" of each ear before shucking!!!