What's In your Box!?

Delicata, CaRrots, Cabbage, and Kale - Sounds like fall!!


September 29, 2016 - Distribution Week #16

Hello Old Friends!!

Toscano Kale - The big bunch of dark green leaves with light green ribs

Arugula: The bunch of light green leaves near the top of the box

Tatsoi - The small round dark green leaves in the plastic bag near the top of the box

Leeks: The long white stems with green tops near the middle of the box (the leeks are small this week - they will be bigger the next time!!)

Celery - The green head of light green stalks near the bottom of the box. 

Carrots: Fresh dug and sweet from the field!!

Green Cabbage: The big light green head near the bottom of the box

Delicata Squash: The yellow and green striped fruit at the bottom of the box  - Check out the recipe of the week