What's In your Box!?

SQuash and Other Savory Treats!!

September 20, 2018 - DiStribution WEek #15

Squash Time!!

Sage: (not pictured) - small bunch of aromatic leaves at the top of the box (goes great with squash).

Hot Peppers: In the plastic bag with the tatsoi

Tatsoi: In the plastic bag near the top of the box.

Batavian Lettuce: One head of summer “crisp” lettuce - great for an early fall salad!!!

Bok Choy: The small bunch of light green leaves near the middle of the box- very tender - great for stir-fry!!

Beets: The purple roots with greens still attached - near the bottom of the box - the greens can be used just like swiss chard.

Eggplant: The black oval fruit near the middle of the box

Acorn Squash: The green fruit at the bottom of the box. Check out this weeks' recipe.....

Leeks: The two long white cylindrical stems with angular green leaves at the bottom of the box

Daikon Radish: The white root(s) at the bottom of the box.